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Year 2019 Volume 69 Issue 4 Page 398-409
Caries Status and Risk Factors in 18 – 36 -Month-Old Children Attended Well Baby Clinic at Bangkok Metropolitan Administration General Hospital
Caries, Debris score, Risk factors, Well baby clinic
This research aimed to study caries status and risk factors between socioeconomic status, oral health care
and dietary practices in 18-36-month-old children attended well baby clinic at Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
General Hospital. Cross-sectional analytical study conducted by recording tooth status, mean debris score and enamel
hypoplasia status of 320 children and interviewing their caregivers involving and socioeconomic status, oral health
care and dietary practices. Chi-square and Multiple logistic regression analysis were used to analyze the data. Fifty
four percent of children had dental caries. Mean dmft was 2.66 (± 0.21) teeth and mean decay was 2.7 (±3.8) per
child. Mean debris score 1.95 (± 0.8) and 39.7 % of children had enamel hypoplasia. The risk factors according to
Chi-square analysis were education levels and employment status of caregivers, age giving birth of mothers, media
consumption of caregivers and child medical welfare, oral cleaning, type of milk, feeding pattern, types of snacks
between meals, frequency of taking snacks and enamel hypoplasia. Multiple logistic regression showed that enamel
hypoplasia was the most significantly associated with dental caries, followed by mean debris score.