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Success Rate and Survival Rate of Open Apex Third Molar Autotransplantation in 15-20-Year-Old Patients: Case Report 39 Cases
Autogenous tooth transplantation, Success rate, Survival rate, Third molar
The objective of this study was to determined success rate and survival rate of
open apex third molar autotransplantation in 15-20-year-old patients. The sample comprised
39 patients (13 males, 26 females) and 44 third molars (16 upper molars, 28 lower
molars). The mean age of the patients at the time of surgery was 18 years (range 15 years
5 months to 20 years 7 months). Observation period were carried out at 1 week, 1, 3,
6 months, 1 year and once a year thereafter. The mean age of observation period was
4 years 8 months (range 1 year 5 months to 12 years). The follow up were monitored
by clinical and radiographic examination. Clinical examination assessed plaque accumulation,
gingival inflammation, pocket depth, tooth mobility, percussion test and pulp
vitality. Radiographs were used to examined bone and periodontal tissue healing, pulp
obliteration, root resorption and continued root formation. The success rate was 93.2 %
(41 of 44 teeth) and survival rate was 97.7 % (43 of 44 teeth). Autogenous tooth transplantation
has been proved by several researches of high success rate and high survival
rate. Therefore, autogenous tooth transplantation is one of viable treatment option for
replace non-restorable tooth, especially the teenage patients.