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Year 2019 Volume 69 Issue 1 Page 38-45
Effectiveness of Mouth Rinse Containing Essential Oil to Reduce Plaque Level in Visual Impairment Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Essential oil mouth rinse, Visually impaired children, Plaque
The aim of this study was to compare the effects of an essential oil mouth rinse and placebo (220 ppm sodium fluoride mouth rinse) on plaque. This study design was a double-blind cross-over randomized control trial. Sixty-five visually impaired children that older than 8 years old were recruited and rinsed daily with 20 cc of either an essential oil or placebo under the supervision of teachers after tooth brushing before bedtime for 3 months. Interviewed questionnaire, brushing observation and plaque index were used for data collected. Percentage, mean, Chi-square and Sample t-test analysis were used for analytical comparison. The findings revealed that essential oil mouth rinse was significant in reducing plaque to score 0-2 (P-value <0.001) better than control. Using paired t-test, mean plaque of essential oil group is better than control (P-value = 0.015). Moreover, essential oil mouth rinse group had a significant reduction of plaque score 3 at baseline better than the control group (P-value = 0.005). This 3-month randomized control study demonstrated the effect of essential oil mouth rinse on plaque reduction.