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Year 2019 Volume 69 Issue 1 Page 1-9
Tissue Engineering: A New Paradigm for Periodontal Treatment
Periodontal disease, Periodontal regeneration, Stem cell, Tissue engineering
The goal of periodontal therapy is to regenerate the previously deprived periodontal tissue caused by the periodontal infection, in order to gain the new attachment and restore its function in a healthy condition. Tissue engineering has become of interest in the field of periodontal regeneration by which its idea to reconstruct previously lost organs and tissue function, with a biocompatibility and low immune rejection. This review article aimed to update and review the previously published literatures regarding periodontal tissue engineering and to enhance the knowledge on the basis of tissue engineering. The factors influencing the successful outcome of the periodontal tissue engineering, including cells, signaling molecules and scaffolds were described and discussed. Moreover, the recent perspectives of periodontal tissue engineering technology were also introduced. Together with the knowledge of tissue engineering and profound understanding in the nature of periodontal tissue will lead to the future insightful research works and finally come across with the novel applications for periodontal therapy in the real clinical settings.