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Year 2019 Volume 69 Issue 1 Page 83-91
Effect of Storage Temperatures on the Shear Bond Strength of Three Resin Cements to Dentin
Degradation, Resin cement, Shear bond strength, Storage temperature
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of storage temperature on the shear bond strengths of
three resin cements to dentin. Ninety extracted human permanent molars were cut to flat expose dentin surface.
The specimens were randomly divided into three groups (n=30) based on the storage temperature of the selected
resin cement (4, 25, and 40 oC). Each group was then subdivided into three subgroups based on the type of resin
cement used (Variolink N, Panavia F 2.0 and RelyX U200). Resin composite blocks were bonded onto each specimen
using the specified cement from its group. Subsequently, all samples were immersed in 37 oC distilled water for 24
hours. Shear bond strength testing was performed using a universal testing machine at a cross head speed of 0.5
mm/minute. Data was statistically analyzed by Two-way ANOVA and Turkey’s multiple comparison tests at a 95 %
confidence level. Furthermore, the modes of failure were examined under a stereomicroscope at 40x magnification.
Results showed that there were no statistically significant differences in shear bond strength between Variolink N
and Panavia F 2.0 stored at 4 or 25 oC. The shear bond strengths of these groups were significantly higher than
other experimental groups. Resin cements stored at 40oC produced significantly lower shear bond strengths than
those stored at 4 and 25 oC (p>0.05). RelyX U200 stored at 40oC demonstrated the lowest shear bond strength,
with values significantly lower than all other groups. All Variolink N and Panavia F 2.0 specimens exhibited mixed
failures, whereas all RelyX U200 specimens demonstrated adhesive failure. In conclusion, storing resin cement at
40oC for three months may significantly lower shear bond strength when bonded to the dentin compared to those
that were stored at the temperature of 4 and 25 oC.